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Cutiecle Care Oil

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The euphoria you feel when you enjoy your favorite treat, drink, or past time after a long and stressful day, that's how The NailYaNista's Cutiecle Care Oil makes your cuticles feel.

ğŸ’ŽCutiecle Care contains antioxidants, amino acids to aid in protein building, & are anti fungal 

ğŸ’ŽCutiecle Care is made of natural, essential oils and enriched with Vitamins E, A, B1, B2, & B6
ğŸ’ŽCutiecle Care May aid in repairing the damaged collagen matrix inside your nail bed, improving strength

Cutiecle Care by The NailYaNista is a handmixed cuticle oil made of Tocopherol [Vitamin E Oil], Simmondsia Chinensis [Jojoba OIl], Hemp Seed Oil, Boswellia Sacra, & Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis [Almond Oil]. 

Each oils special scent contributes an additional amazin essential oil and amazin smell.Sunrise 🍋[Lemon Scent] Cleanse & Refresh•Sunset 🍊[Orange Scent] Refresh & Uplift•Sunday 🍃[Tea Tree Scent] Purifiy & Cleanse•Saturday 🌸[Lavender] Soothe & Relax•Strength 💪🏾 [Peppermint] Refresh & Invigorate