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A Sweet Trio Treat

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Often times the best products for our feet, don't smell, you know.....the best.
Then there's A Sweet Trio Treat, Handcrafted by a Master Nail Artist to aid in providing professional results in the comfort of your own home and smell amazing while working its magic.
First, our Cotton Candy Soak will soften the dead skin on your feet, relax your muscles, & remove odor. Next, our Pecan Candy Scrub will exfoliate your feet, removing the dead skin which can help you avoid building tough, ugly callouses. Lastly, our Crème Brûlée Cream will deposit the right amount of moisture your feet need.
A Sweet Trio Treat will have your feet feeling like a kid in the candy store!



Size: 4oz
Cotton Candy Foot Soak:
Pecan Candy Foot Scrub:
Crème Brûlée Hand & Foot Cream Ingredients: