1 Acetone10 Cotton Balls20 Foil Pieces1 Nail File1 Nail Buffer1 Mani Kit1 Base/Top Coat1 Wooden Cuticle Pusher1 Peppermint scented Cuticle Care by The NailYaNista1 Rub Me In Hand Scrub by The NailYaNista Instructions:1. Cut your nails down as short as you can or would like.2. If you have gel polish or a gel top coat, use your nail file and rough off the top of the nail so that the acetone can penetrate. If you have regular polish, skip to the next step.3. Apply 1 acetone soaked cotton ball to each nail and then wrap, individually, in a piece of foil.4. Allow the acetone work.5. Periodically check and remove the dissolved acrylic or gel polish with your file or wooden cuticle stick until the product is completely removed.6. Shape your natural nails as youd like.7. Buff your nails.8. Wash your hands.9. Polish your nails. If you'd like skip to the next step.10. Apply Cutiecle Care to your cuticle area or entire hand.

Acrylic/Gel Polish Removal Kit by The NailYaNista